Services: Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Pay-per-click is the process of managing and managing a company’s PPC advertising spend. It often buys strategy and advertising while reducing overall spending.

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PPC enables a controllable, targeted, and cost-effective medium to rank highly on Google. We optimize campaigns and revenue for you through smart data-backed decisions.

PPC Services Includes:

Create a targeted campaign

Among online advertising campaign formats, PPC is one of the most flexible and scalable options. We create campaigns for you with the sole purpose of driving quality leads.

  • We research and select the most effective keywords that can give you maximum conversions with minimal investment. We regularly check advertising expenses on a competition basis and shorten our campaign to ensure that we do not miss out on any opportunity.
  • A well-optimized landing page can increase the conversion of your PPC campaign. Our team provides the best landing page options through targeted A / B testing of content and calling buttons to ensure high conversions.
  • Our content team creates compelling copy for your campaigns through rigorous A / B testing of multiple ad format ads. We eventually make a big bang with only those campaigns that are destined to increase your online revenue.

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Optimization of existing PPC campaigns

As part of our strategic engagement with brands, we continuously optimize our PPC campaigns to achieve better ROI.

  • We run a number of A / B testing campaigns on PPC advertising formats to ensure that brands can achieve better conversions with the same or less investment.
  • Regularly tracking users’ engagement levels ensures that we get enough primary data to analyze and tweak the campaign creatively and content. This enables us to use the most powerful creatives for high ROI.
  • Our team keeps a close tab on the performance of each keyword in your campaign. We follow a goal based strategy and all our campaign budgets are aligned to give you the most optimal conversion.

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PPC performance reporting

Your team will be regularly updated on the performance matrix of PPC campaign through detailed monthly reports.

  • We keep you posted on campaign expenses and improvements with transparent and practical reports.
  • Our team continuously optimizes keyword campaigns to drive more conversions through minimal investment. The same is captured in a detailed campaign report and shared with you on a monthly basis.
  • We provide you with a custom online dashboard to access your PPC campaign data and review it at your convenience.

Get the competitive trending analysis about industries or competitors.

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Increasing sales
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Our team consists of more than 200+ expert digital marketers, including SEO and PPC experts, web designers and developers, video producers, content writers, and customer relations managers. AM operates IT support and excludes network contractors.

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Our lead generation is being used by the industry.

  • Ecommerce
    Maximize the use of dollars for your salary with Google Ads for e-commerce.
  • and
    Call Fertility Generation Firms and Administration for Online Verticals?
  • Medical tourism
    Extensive medical tourism consultancy and online promotion.
  • Education
    Make a better salary by marketing for your university or university with potential customers potential customers.
  • and
    YouTube PPC advertising is a way to advertise on the Internet.
  • support
    Create and generate calls for your online service support business.
  • Money and loan
    Pay Per Per Click by Loan and Finance Insurance Business.
  • Other problems
    We help potential customers generated and call any other business.
  • – Stock market advice
    – Stock Broking Firm.
    – Insurance company.
    – Busienss Portal & IT companies.
    – Real Estate Agencies.

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After setting your objectives, we fully prepare and execute PPC campaigns designed to help you meet your goals. While managing your accounts, we will continue to follow your strategy, use appropriate clicks through rate calculations to increase your return on investment, and exploit context targeting. Through painstaking research and time-tested optimization techniques, we implement the most effective PPC campaigns possible.

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